I cannot repeat enough the importance of practice, playing with others … and having fun!

I also want to be able to make a point of (and try to role-model) lifelong/ongoing learning, having a go, it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been playing (just over a month for us both) and jumping in the deep end/dipping your toe in. Many thanks to Selim for suggesting doing a duet in front of our group the Southern Ukulele Strummers … and the challenge (for me anyway) of ‘Hey, Soul Sister’.

Another challenge was (I should have simply tapped the tablet’s touch screen) using (for the first time) an automated scroller. There are so many advantages to using scrolling lyrics (larger font size, chords in different colours for a start) and having a set list of all the songs you plan or might want to play/sing. The application is Lyric Paddemo.¬†Get from Google Play