I love the way John Butler and the John Butler Trio’s music makes me feel.

Through some happy banter on the Adelaide Ukulele Appreciation Society (AUAS) Facebook page,
I was reminded of their song ‘Zebra’

and, I’m pleased to say,
there are some very useful ukulele tabs and lyrics here

Since this video is 2007 I would say that this is John Butler, Shannon Birchall (bass) and Michael Barker (drums/percussion) The trio are Australian and began in 1998. John Butler was a busker and now owns his own recording company – and has had different members in his trio. Source Their styles are worth checking out as is the way they combine. Good inspiration and listening.

Another useful link is to a playlist in YouTube. I often go to playlists and play all the videos in it. This only one playlist example.
When I feel like listening to John Butler, I put a playlist on in the background while I do something else.

And if you want a treat (my opinion)
Keith Urban & The John Butler Trio – Aria Awards 2007